How to request a visit

How to request a visit with your provider

As your first step, you need to scroll down and select your provider. Once selected, the system will based on your history with the provider, propose a doctor that you've seen in the past.

As your second step, the App will ask you the reason for your visit.
As your last step, before requesting the visit, the system will propose specific time slots. You should add your preferred time slots. The provider will do their best to meet your preferences, however, it does depend on provider availability.
Once you have completed this step, the App will guide you to a page where you can prepare your visit. By clicking the "here" you : 

"Your visit request has been created

You can review your request and upload supporting documents here"


By clicking on the word/link "here", you'll be guided to a page that shows basic details of the visit such as the name of the patient, the name of the doctor, the reason for the visit. By scrolling down, you can upload any supporting documents such as medical exams requested by the doctor prior to the visit. YOU CAN ALSO CANCEL THE VISIT AT THIS STEP IF NEED BE.