How can I make sure the video call goes as smoothly as possible? What do I need to do beforehand?

Making sure the video call goes as smoothly as possible beforehand

You can test your device by going through the help section under your settings and accessing to your Test your device function.

  • Press the Get started button and 
  • check your video 
  • test your audio 
  • check if your browser is supported for the video call to take place
  • check your connection 
  • get to understand the expected quality of your video call after having gone through the previous tests

You can access to all the details of the tests you have done, download the results (useful for sharing in case of issues with the support team and for your own records) and you can also restart all previous steps in case there is any doubt or you are experiencing any issue. 

You can always contact our support team either by chat using the same window you are in, or by calling +1 866-896-1431 .