Your role as an Administrator

Understand what are the capabilities for your role within MediSprout

The basics: All about visits and settings:
  • As an Administrator you can see list of upcoming/past visits for all providers on the Organization.
  • You can schedule/cancel visits for any provider or Admins inside your Organization. 
  • You can also be added to a visit or access the visit if the provider is invited (only provider owner can see participants list) 
  • You can view visit details within the Organization and send messages to patients on the visit details
  • Upload files on the visit details -before visit starts and from the Upcoming visits section.

  • Enable/disable 2FA on your account 
  • Can change your password
  • Can view/edit Organization information
  • Access to the emergency and consent form links on the Organization Information section.

In case your Organization has the visit request functionality enabled, as an Admin you can

  • See the list of the requested visits
  • Schedule and assign/Reject visits to any provider within the Organization
  • Add a secondary provider to the visit 

Manage Personnel Section: 

  • Can view/add personnel and assign (any) roles and specialties 
  • Edit personnel information 
  • Resend invites to personnel 

Manage Patients Section

As an Administrator  you can view/add patients/resend them invites and edit their information up until the account is activated

Take a look at THIS video that shows how to add Personnel and Patients

Subscription Section

You are the only role in the Organization who can access and edit all subsections such us :

  • Subscription plan
  • Payment methods
  • Recent transactions
  • Current usage